Digital Plumbing & Audits

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Your website, social media accounts, ad management and campaign attribution tools need to be properly connected.  If your marketing efforts aren’t tied to your sales results it can be difficult to measure success.  Digital, social, SEO, brand and technology audits can help ensure that the proper connections are in place.

Digital Plumbing Services

As part of the digital plumbing process, we will ensure that your website is communicating properly with Facebook Ad Manager, Business Manager, Google analytics, and any other tracking elements / pixels needed.

We will sync custom audiences with your existing contacts and customer databases and create new custom audiences if needed. During this process we will provide you with recommendations and best practice guidance related to lead gen, list building or marketing automation tools to help grow your business.

Lastly we will ensure these tools are properly configured and create a system for overall measurement and reporting.

Set Up

Create cross-platform connectivity.


Enable audience targeting tools.


Gain insight on audience behavior.


Tie marketing efforts to sales success.

SEO Audits

Take away the mystery of Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO Audit will provide you with guidance on actionable, simple items to improve the visibility of your brand’s website in search engines and elsewhere on the web.

We’ll conduct a deep and thorough review of the brand’s niche and the keyword universe of the niche within the industry. We’ll also provide an outline of how to best structure your website and a plan for growing your content to improve your SEO and increase other forms of traffic.

Keyword Analyis

Identify your keyword universe, key phrases to target, and keyword performance history.

Site Structure

Comprehensive website metatag, navigation, and taxonomy recommendations.

Rankings Report

See where your existing pages rank in search results and where improvements are needed.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for growth.

Audit & Research Services

Leverage the power of data to inform your marine marketing initiatives.

You can tap our institutional knowledge and generate your own findings by working with AIM Marine Group to increase your market and customer intelligence. We offer a wide range of audit and research options.

  • ­Market testing (concepts and products)
  • Media and message research (advertising/campaign e­ffectiveness)
  • Brand awareness and positioning
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Comprehensive consumer surveys

Brand Audits

AIM will deploy our time-tested survey model to a hand-selected audience to evaluate your brand awareness and perception.

Virtual Focus Groups

Groups are great tools for learning how your customers feel about your products, your competitors, and how brands affect and speak to their lives … or not.

Custom Quantitative Surveys

We can work with you to develop, design and deploy a fully custom quantitative study. We can help with question design, survey design and analysis of results.

Performance Analytics

Collecting, evaluating and interpreting data can be overwhelming. We can help implement processes that will improve marketing performance.

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